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Faster Pussycat2009年3月1日 10 首歌

Faster Pussycat

A sure-fire 5-star disk! I have always said, when asked, that the best album released since I was a high school graduate in 1985, is Appetite For Destruction, by Gn'R. However, I have always said that Appetite for Destruction's huge success, kept Faster Pussycat's BRILLIANT debut from achieving it's due. Both albums were released around the same time. At that time, FP's album was getting much more publicity. But then "Sweet Child o' Mine" took off, and the Pussycats' album got buried. It is a SOLID 5 star album! It is L.A. sleaze-metal-rock at it's best. You have the classics, in "Don't Change That Song" and "Bathroom Wall", as well as "Cathouse". But the whole Stones-meets-metal sound continues on solid tunes like "No Room For Emotion" and "City Has No Heart". Frankly there is NO bad song on this whole disk! "Babylon", Shooting You Down" and "Bottle In Front Of Me" are good. "City has No Heart " and "Ship Rolls In" are strong rockers that make this album much more than a "trash metal" album. It is a classic metal album!
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