Best of Live

Foreigner2009年4月5日 14 首歌
有關 Best of Live
I've always thought you could tell a truly talented band by their live albums. Strip away the 'studio magic' and what you're left with is raw music. With this album, Foreigner definitely proved their point--that they are one of the greatest classic rock bands ever. 
This album is absolutely amazing. In fact, it's near flawless. From the excellent guitar and bass playing to the rhythmic drums, from Lou Gramm's outstanding voice to the saxophone that plays and dances gracefully over the guitars, from the rockin' classics (like Cold as Ice) to the beautiful ballads, this album is incredible.
This is a must have for any Foreigner fan. In fact, any fan of classic rock should own it. Many of the songs actually sound better live, which proves the band's capability.
My favorite part of this album was the version of "Fool For You Anyway." As Mick Jones played a catchy little riff, Gramm's voice glides over the notes in this classy love-song type tune. The rest of the band is good too, but Gramm is what really makes this classic shine.
I recommend this strongly to anyone looking to buy a Foreigner album, or even anyone with a taste in classic rock. You will not be disappointed.