In Your Eyes

George Benson1987年8月4日 10 首歌
有關 In Your Eyes
George Benson's voice and his guitar sounding vocals make one uncertain what the instrument really is!Men, if you wish to get your ladylove in an intimate mood, just plop in this CD! Trust me! hormones are dancing!All of George Benson's hits take the listener on an ultimate trip, you can feel the lifts and the swells in his voice, the man has a knack for strumming our strings!"In Your Eyes" is a lovely piece, one can almost see a picture of that special someone in your mind. "Lady Love Me One More Time" is my favorite on this tape. This song is upbeat, excellent phrasing and a glorious tempo that just makes me glow! George Benson is one of the greatest jazzers of all time!