Best Of George Benson: The Instrumentals

George Benson2010年2月16日 11 首歌
有關 Best Of George Benson: The Instrumentals
i love the concept of no vocals for this cd collection of benson's hits. i enjoy listening to well recorded jazz guitar and this fits the bill perfectly. the selections cover his work from 1976-1993. the selections are well spread out, not concentrating too much on any particular cd of his. just a good mix of his slow and uptempo numbers. included is "breezin'", an all-time classic. my favorites are two slow tempo romantic tracks, "tenderly" and "being with you". these tracks showcase the delicate touch george has with his guitar, not to mention the beautiful melody these tracks convey. this is my first benson cd and certainly not my last. the sound quality is excellent on this remastered edition from 1997. highly recommended!