Charles Mingus的專輯The Clown

The Clown

Charles Mingus2005年3月29日 6 首歌

The Clown

The Mingus aggregate that recorded this set lived by the perforations that saxophonist Shafi Hadi sent toward Jimmy Knepper's slippery trombone. If the arrangements for the horns sound Ellingtonian, they're scripted to do so. Mingus played temperately but importantly off the Duke's model for sectional playing here. And Mingus's bass was as wild as ever, especially on the intro to "Haitian Fight Song," which goes at a slow churn here. Hadi and Knepper sound more mainstream than, say, some of Mingus's other brass-reeds combos, but Wade Legge's strange piano voicings created a stormy harmonic frame for the band to thrive in. The title tune may be Mingus's most oddball early composition, with Jean Shepherd narrating a fictional tale of a performing clown as the band mimics and comments on the spoken word.
有關The Clown :

對於粉絲來說,The Clown 是一張不容錯過的專輯。它於 2005年3月29日 發行,The Clown 由Charles Mingus 等歌手推出。這張專輯包含 6 首歌曲,每一首作品充分表達出其專輯概念。只要上JOOX,你便能立即欣賞The Clown 中的高音質歌曲、歌詞和MV,一同沉浸在美妙的音樂體驗中吧!

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