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Live In Australia

Elton John1998年1月1日 14 首歌
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This album to me is the definitive Elton John collection. The choice of songs is impeccable. Mostly made up of songs from the early years of the John-Taupin relationship, it is the definitive way Elton should be heard. The older songs such as "Sixty Years On", "The Greatest Discovery", and "The King Must Die" are rare nuggets that reveal a time when the writing styles of the duo was very raw.The version of "Tonight" is a lot richer sounding than the version on "Blue Moves". "Tiny Dancer" and "Burn Down the Mission" are Elton concert staples, but are given added luster with the addition of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. And of course this is the album that brought "Candle In The wind" back to the masses. Released as the single from the album,it brought Elton back to the Top 10 after approximately 4 year absence. True Elton fans know that right after this album was recorded, Elton had nodules removed from his throat. Knowing this adds to the rawness of his vocals and the emotions from the recordings.(Elton did not know the severity of his throat problems at the time.) Given all of this, "Live In Australia" defines Elton John's career and is a cornerstone of his catalog that all fans should have.   

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