And Then There Were Three

Genesis2007年1月1日 11 首歌
有關 And Then There Were Three
Just don't understand how even the band members themselves don't speak too highly about this album. The songs are solid and are definately some of the best in the whole catalog. Don't be put off by some of the other reviews here - the sound on this particular album is a significant improvement over the '94 remaster and the cd loaded into my computer without any problems whatsoever. As for the songs, "Snowbound" is the one the stands out the most to be. Nick Davis brough the drums out and really have them stand out to deliver the power of the song. SOOOOOO much better than on the '94 remaster. If you compare the 2, you'll be amazed. "Deep In The Motherlode" is amazing as is "Many Too Many." Every fan should have this new issue.