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Wake Me When It's Over

Faster Pussycat2009年3月1日 12 首歌

Wake Me When It's Over

The first Fater Pussycat album was good, but in the follow up the group expanded the song-writing, becasme more bluesy, and really left behind the Glam sound that they came out of. Unfortunetly, the music busienss is as much about timing as anything. If the group came out 2 years earlier...they would have been as big as Poison, Warrant, etc...all of which they blew away.... 2 years later they may have been able to "re-invent" themselves as a grunge band ala Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains.... However, without thinking of the scene or the era, this is simply a good CD and worth playing all these years later. 1) Where there's a whip - A rock em sock em Rock & Roll tune. With great Riff's and sleazy lyrics. 2) Little Dove - Similar to the above with great lyrics. 3) Poison Ivy - Inteneded to be the hit single. An ok tune, but a little too pop for my tastes. 4) House of Pain - a Rare power ballad that actually carried emotion 5) Gonna Walk - Groovy blues/rock track 6) Pulling weeds - Another stand out track that is heavy but catchy 7) Slip of the Tongue - With a slip of the tongue I'm in Deep $h!t...need say no more the next few tracks are ok, but not standoutish until... Arizona Indian Doll - a groovy track that could have been a Cult song Please Dear - another truly moving sounding balad about a break-up or death of a love one...take your pick... I've known punk rockers, hippies, and Metal heads who hated glam that fell in love with this record once they got over the "Glam" perception of the band.....Give it a try and keep an open mind.
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