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Holy Ghosts

Elephante1000年1月1日 1 首歌


Holy Ghosts

继个人首支全新单曲“High Water”发布后,迄今已累积了超百万的流媒体数据,并在88rising上传了富有创造性的个人音乐视频,Elephante带着他的第二首单曲归来,展示全新充满进化力的音色。“Holy Ghosts”是一首适合夏日日落时节的歌曲,活泼的和弦以及朗朗上口的副歌,“Holy Ghosts”是一支充满怀旧氛围的歌曲,希望事物都能回到原来的轨道。这首单曲的创作旨在接受时间只会不断向前,而事物也总会变迁。\\n\\nAbout "Holy Ghosts"\\nFollowing up the release of his first new single "High Water" which has accumulated over a million streams to date, highlighted by an innovative music video upload on the 88rising YouTube channel, Elephante returns with his second single as he continues to showcase an evolved sound. "Holy Ghosts" is the perfect song for a summertime sunsets with a catchy hook over vibey chords. “Holy Ghosts” is a song about nostalgia, and about wishing things could just go back to the way they were. Writing the song was about trying to accept that time only moves forward and things are always going to change.
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