Every Face Tells A Story

Cliff Richard2002年7月1日 9 首歌
有關 Every Face Tells A Story
Back in 1976, Cliff released his best album "I'm Nearly Famous." Following up such a gem had to be a hard task for Cliff, and he tries hard in this one, but it falls short due to its lack of any really GREAT songs. The arrangements are a little blander, with the exception of "Up in the World" and "Spiderman." Lyrically and musically, the material is thinner, and not as original as "I'm Nearly Famous's" collection. I like "Up in the World," "Don't Turn the Light Out," "My Kinda Life" and "Two Worlds Drift Apart." They flow well and their interesting both lyrically and melodically. Cliff worked with his usual musicians and producers, but I think they may have rushed a little too much. HOWEVER, Cliff's career is a long and illustrious one, and this is certainly RECOMMENDED to those who have been fans of Cliff. 
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