Last modified: 1 August 2014


We may, from time to time, use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to collect, use and store Information about you or relating to you. This Policy describes how we use such cookies, web beacons and similar technologies.

Please note that we collect, use and store your Information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.This Policy is incorporated into and forms part of our Privacy Policy that you have agreed to in order to use our services. Any terms used in this Policy will have the same meaning as the equivalent defined terms in our Terms of Serviceor Privacy Policy.


A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is placed on your computer, mobile phone or other device when you access a website or other web content.

Web beacons are electronic image files or other technologies that may be embedded within websites or emails. They may be used to keep count of visitors, record when and if an email or website is viewed, or access certain cookies.


We and our third party tracking-utility partners may from time to time gather certain Information automatically via such cookies, web beacons and similar technologies and store it as Log Data.

We use our own cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to personalise your experience on our services and for various other purposes, including:

Please note that we use our cookies, web beacons and similar technologies for these purposes, but may make certain aggregated Non-Personal Information obtained through these technologies available to advertisers and other partners to analyze how you and others use our services and to serve advertising.

We also allow advertisers and other partners to place their own cookies, web beacons and similar technologies into some of our services to analyse how these services are used and to serve advertising. It is important to note that these third party cookies, web beacons and similar technologies are subject to the relevant third party’s own privacy policies and not our Privacy Policy.  We are not responsible for third party cookies or web beacons.


We further describe in the below table how we use certain types of cookies within our services.

Some or all of such cookies (or other web beacons or similar technologies) may be stored in your browser. Your browser may enable you to block or manage cookies or web beacons. However, please remember that if you do so, we may not be able to provide you with the optimal experience through our services and some of our services may not function properly.

Category of cookies use



These cookies notify us when you access our services, so to enable us to provide suitable and secure services and experience to you.

For example, these cookies will inform us when you have logged onto WeChat, allowing us to identify whether you have safely logged onto WeChat and to display information within WeChat that specifically pertain to you.

Preference Setting

We use such cookies to record your layout, appearance and other custom preferences and settings, to ensure our services are personalised for you.

For example, we use such cookies within our services to:

  • record whether you have read certain messages or reminders we sent to you;
  • prevent us from repeatedly sending such messages or reminders; and
  • save your preferences and settings (such as font sizing) so that the relevant service will be automatically adjusted to your settings when you use it again.



We use such cookies to ensure the security of your Information and our services, and to prevent fraudulent, criminal or other suspect activities.

For example, such cookies can identify whether you have logged onto our services in your usual location, and to prevent identity theft and other misappropriation of your Information.


We use such cookies to perform and improve our services.

For example, such cookies assist us to pre-fill your account details in the login or other fields of our services, to help you use our services more efficiently. 


We use such cookies to improve the speed, performance and efficiency of our services.

For example, such cookies can facilitate router flow between servers and assess the speed of loading of our services by different users. We may also use such cookies to save information temporarily in your browser, to enable a faster loading and response speed when you visit our services.

Analysisand Research

We use such cookies to follow up and improve our services, and to provide us with reference data for research and development of new services or functions.

For example, cookies help us better understand how you use our services and thus make it possible for us to improve your and other users’ experiences within our services. Such information may include the amount of time spent by you at each process when you access our services, as well as the pages and functions your access on our services.



We use such cookies to optimise advertising and ensure that they are relevant to you.

For example, such cookies may help us display more relevant advertising to you, and track whether you have read certain advertisements on our services and visited such advertisers following such advertisements. Similarly, our partners may use cookies to ascertain whether we have displayed a particular advertisement and determine such advertisement’s effectiveness, or to provide us with information regarding your interaction with such advertisers.