Last modified: March 5, 2021

By using JOOX services, you agree to comply with this JOOX Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”). If you violate any provisions of this AUP, we may suspend or terminate your access to the JOOX services without notice in accordance with the JOOX User Agreement.

Should you have any questions about this AUP or wish to report violations of this AUP, please contact us at

All defined terms used in this AUP have the same meaning as defined in the JOOX User Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise.


You agree not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities when using JOOX services, or allow any person to use your JOOX Account to do the same:

  1. violate any law, regulation, ordinance or rule (or carry out any actions which may result in violation of any law, regulation, ordinance or rule when used in a manner permitted by the JOOX User Agreement);
  2. infringe upon our rights or any third party’s rights, including any intellectual property rights, contractual rights, confidentiality rights or privacy rights;
  3. engage in any conduct which may be considered disrespect to any racial group, local ethics or customs;
  4. engage in gambling activities, or incite others to gamble or other illegal or potentially illegal (as determined by us) activities or transactions, including sale of any illicit drugs, ponzi or pyramid schemes or money laundering;
  5. use the JOOX services for any deceptive, malicious, misleading or fraudulent activities or other unauthorized activities;
  6. manipulate, create, alter, remove, or damage electronic information and/or document with the aim to make others believe that the manipulated, created, altered, removed, or damaged electronic information and/or document is authentic;
  7. use the JOOX services to gain unauthorized access to any system, account or data;
  8. engage in the malicious creation or use of JOOX Account, such as creating multiple JOOX Accounts for cybersquatting purposes or engaging in the sale and purchase of JOOX Accounts;
  9. register or login to JOOX Account or access the JOOX services by using unauthorized means (including, without limitation, by third-party software or systems not developed, authorized or approved by us) or by impersonating any person;
  10. engage in any form of harassment, intimidation or defamation to any person or disseminate or share any content that may be considered as insulting, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, provocation, hoax, misinformation, disinformation, fraudulent or contain any illegal information;
  11. send unauthorized or unsolicited messages and spam;
  12. impersonate another person or entity;
  13. lend, transfer, sell or otherwise permit another person to use his/her JOOX Account;
  14. use the JOOX services other than for their intended purpose or in any manner inconsistent with JOOX User Agreement (including this AUP); or
  15. engage in any other activity that encourages any person or entity to breach the JOOX User Agreement (including this AUP).


You may not, nor may you permit any other person to (except where we expressly permit you to do so):

  1. remove, obscure or modify any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary rights notice, marks or indications found in or on the JOOX services;
  2. sub-license, rent, lease, sell or otherwise distribute the JOOX services or charge others for use of or access to the JOOX services;
  3. modify, reverse engineer or decompile any software embedded in the JOOX services, except to the extent that applicable laws and regulations do not allow us to prevent you from doing this;
  4. perform any acts (including, without limitation, hacking, attacking or overloading our networks or servers) with the intention of adversely affecting the performance or disrupting the JOOX services or otherwise interfering with, or attempting to interfere with, any user’s or any other party’s access to the JOOX services;
  5. upload viruses, Trojan horses, malicious code, scripts, worms, logic bombs or other means which is malicious or technologically harmful to the JOOX services, our systems or the systems of other users of the JOOX services;
  6. use any robot, spider, crawler, off-line reader, or other technical means to intercept, mine, scrape, monitor, copy, collect or extract information or data from the JOOX services;
  7. exploit technical defects or bugs in the JOOX services to benefit yourself and/or others in any manner or engage in any other misconduct, or probe or test the vulnerability of, or otherwise circumvent (or attempt to circumvent) any security features on, the JOOX services, our systems or the systems of other users;
  8. engage in any “framing”, “mirroring”, or other techniques directed at simulating the appearance or function of the JOOX services;
  9. misrepresent the source or ownership of the JOOX services; or
  10. develop any plug-ins, external components or interconnection elements or other technology that inter-operate with the JOOX services, except where we expressly permit you to do so via JOOX services (and where this is the case, your use of such JOOX services may be subject to additional terms and conditions as notified by us to you).


You may not, nor may you permit any other person to upload, share, publish, live stream, transmit or otherwise make available on or through the JOOX services any of Your Content that:

  1. is a hoax, misinformation, disinformation, inaccurate, and uncertain; including false, unverifiable, or incomplete news that will or may cause public commotion;
  2. infringes upon intellectual property rights or privacy of any person or entity;
  3. harms or exploits any person (whether adult or minor) in any way, including via bullying, harassment, threats of violence, sexually exploits or human trafficking;
  4. is, or could reasonably be interpreted as being, hateful, harassing, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, humiliating to other people (publicly or otherwise), threatening, profane or otherwise objectionable or contains other information which may be deemed as unlawful under applicable laws (e.g. discrimination, extremist information);
  5. incites hatred against any person or group whether based on ethnicity, religion, race, intergroup, or otherwise;
  6. praises, glorifies, and supports any organization (including its members) that promotes terrorism, crime, hate speech, and other actions violating applicable laws;
  7. advocates, calls for action, or incites demonstration which is violent or violates safety protocols in accordance with applicable laws;
  8. is pornographic, sexually explicit, violent or depicts unlawful acts towards any person;
  9. constitutes sexual solicitation to any person, including facilitation of commercial sexual services;
  10. depicts or promotes cruelty, violence or unlawful acts towards animals;
  11. promotes or encourages self-harming;
  12. incites to commit a crime, offence, acts of terrorism or apology of such acts;
  13. retransmits any television broadcasts, live concerts, sports events, competitions or other live events without the prior consent of the broadcaster, concert or event organizer (as the case may be);
  14. creates a risk of loss or damage to any person or property;
  15. shares any other person’s information other than in accordance with applicable laws;
  16. impersonates any person or entity, falsely declares or otherwise misrepresents yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity;
  17. contains any deceptive, fraudulent or misleading information, news, business schemes, proposals or transactions;
  18. depicts gambling activities, incites others to gamble or engage in other illegal activities or transactions;
  19. violates propriety, causes public unrest and disturbance of public order;
  20. is manipulated and altered to make others believe that the content is authentic;
  21. is an advertisement or solicitation of business which is intended for marketing of any products via our JOOX services;
  22. misrepresents or disparages us or our JOOX services;
  23. violates any law, regulation, ordinance and rule; or
  24. encourages or is likely to encourage any of the above.


You may not register for or use the JOOX services if:

  1. you are under the minimum age to use JOOX services;
  2. you are prohibited from using the JOOX services under applicable laws; or
  3. we have previously terminated your JOOX Account and advised you that you may no longer use JOOX services.


Please note that there may be technological measures in JOOX services that are designed to detect uses of the JOOX services that violate this AUP and to prevent unlicensed or unauthorized use of the JOOX services. You agree that we may use these measures and that you will not seek to disable or circumvent them in any way.


If you violate any provisions of this AUP, depending on the severity of your violations, we may take any appropriate actions without notice to you, including but not limited to temporarily or permanently limiting your JOOX Account access, suspending or terminating your access to the JOOX services in accordance with the JOOX User Agreement. If necessary, we may cooperate with law enforcement agencies to investigate any unlawful acts on the JOOX services.


If you become aware of any person using the JOOX services or engage in any acts that violate any applicable law, regulation, ordinance or rule and/or this AUP, you may file a complaint at in the JOOX services. We will process all feedbacks as soon as possible in accordance with relevant laws and regulations upon receipt of the feedbacks.