Crazy Thang 2006 P. Diddy
เพลงCrazy Thang

ศิลปิน: P. Diddy

อัลบัม: Press Play

ออกเมื่อ: 21-11-2006


Artist:p. diddy

Songs Title:crazy thang (interlude)




Come on now


Sometimes I just

Get out ya

I just feel so confused

No don't do that

I just wanna know how you feel

Don't do it

I love you

Mother fucker do you know what you've done

I've always needed you

But I really love her

You see, love is a crazy thing

At first it feels so good


And you would think

It last forever

But then it also hurts so bad

You know somethin',

I hate ya fuckin' guts

Leave me the fuck alone

Then what you do


Do you give up?


Or do you believe?


I'll always love you



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