Autumn To May 1988 Peter,Paul & Mary
TrekAutumn To May

Artis: Peter,Paul & Mary

Album: Peter, Paul And Mary

Waktu rilis: 19-07-1988

Autumn to May - Peter, Paul & Mary


Oh once I had a little dog,

His color it was brown

I taught him for to whistle,

To sing and dance and run

His legs they were fourteen yards long,

His ears so very wide

Around the world in half a day,

Upon him I could ride.


Sing tarry-o day, sing,

Autumn to may.

Oh once I had a little frog,

He wore a vest of red

Hed lean upon his silver cane,

A top hat on his head

Hed speak of far off places,


Of things to see and do,

And all the kings and queens hed met

While sailing in a shoe.

Sing tarry-o day,

Sing, autumn to may.

Oh once I had a flock of sheep,

They grazed upon a feather

I'd keep them in a music box

From wind or rainy weather

And every day the sun would shine,

They fly all through the town


To bring me back some golden rings,

Candy by the pound.

Sing tarry-o day, sing, autumn to may.

Oh once I had a downey swan,

She was so very frail

She sat upon an oyster shell

And hatched me out a snail

The snail had changed into a bird,

The bird to butterfly

And he who tells a bigger tale

Would have to tell a lie.

Sing tarry-o day, sing, autumn to may.

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