How Long Blues 1994 Eric Clapton
TrekHow Long Blues

Artis: Eric Clapton

Album: From The Cradle

Waktu rilis: 13-09-1994

How long, baby how long,

Has that evening train been gone?


How long,


How how long, Baby how long?


Went to the station, didn't see no train.

Down in my heart, I have an aching pain.


I feel disgusted, I feel so bad


Thinking 'bout the good time that I once have had.


I could see the green grass growing on the hill;


I ain't seen no greenback on a dollar bill.


You're gonna be sorry, you'll feel so blue.


When you want me, baby, I declare I won't want you.


Don't have no money for to ride the train.


I would ride the rods, baby, to be with you again.


How long, baby how long Must I keep my, my watch in pawn?


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