Love On My Mind 2007 Sophie Zelmani
TrekLove On My Mind

Artis: Sophie Zelmani

Album: Memory Loves You

Waktu rilis: 15-02-2007

Oh' my lord

Why have you done my kisses blind

Why do you end what has just begun


Why don't you give me time

When you know I've got love on my mind

And why have you

Made me chary for all

That used to make me fall

Why do I feel so terrified

And mostly like a blight

Like I ask for tons of love

Oh' my trust

Why don't you help no more

I used to be so sure

That if the right one

Would meet my eyes

He would be hypnotized

And love me all along

Through this life


Oh' my lord

Let's say no more

I just can't endure

So many years has just become

A long long time

When you knew I had love on my mind

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