Make No Mistake, She's Mine 2010 Kenny Rogers

TrekMake No Mistake, She's Mine

Artis: Kenny Rogers

Album: A Decade Of Hits

Waktu rilis: 16-02-2010

Make No Mistake, She's Mine - Kenny Rogers

Don't call her up, anymore

'Cause I don't wanna hear-ear your voi-oice

I don't wanna see your fa-a-ace

Answer her door-oor-oor

Make no mista-ake, she's mine

She-ee-ee's mi-ine

She only knows how I feel

I only know what she's li-ike

When she nee-eeds me-ee

Oh how she needs me

Deep in the ni-ight

Make no mista-a-ake, she's mi-ine

She-ee's mi-ine, no, she's mi-ine

Don't get too close when you da-ance

'Cause I don't wanna hear from my frie-iends

You were out on the tow-own

With her in your arms

(Her in your ar-arms)

With her in your arms

(Her in your ar-ar-arms)

Don't include her in your dreams

'Cause I don't wanna clo-ose my eye-eye-eyes

No-o, I don't wanna know where she go-o-o-o-oes

Each night when she lea-ea-eaves

Make no mista-a-ake, make no mista-a-a-a-ake

She-ee-ee's mi-ine, no she's mine, she-ee's mi-ine

Don't call her up, anymore

Don't call her up

(Don't call her up) anymore


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