Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Without You 1992 Travis Tritt
TrekChristmas Just Ain't Christmas Without You

Artis: Travis Tritt

Album: A Travis Tritt Christmas: Loving Time Of The Year

Waktu rilis: 29-09-1992

Don't you know it always happens same time every year. Snow flakes and heartaches and that lonesome Christmas chill I keep going through emotions hiding from the truth don't you know that Chritmas just ain't christmas without you You know Christmas hasn't been the same since the day you left. I still send you real tight greetings hoping someday you might forget I try to hold up tradition do all the things we used to do but you know that Christmas just ain't Chritmas without you. Cause all are having Silent night memories of how we used to be and all would come back to my world if you just let Santa bring your sweet love home to me. There's a season to be happy but Lord I feel so blue cause girl Christmas just ain't Christmas without you.

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